Why us

1. Shortest delivery time.
Since all our machines are already in stock, it's just a matter of taking them off the shelf and immediately start working on them to assure the shortest delivery time possible. Every day you win means you will start making money a day earlier.


2. Adaptation to your wishes.
Bills, coins, key-on-credit, games, ... All machines the way you want them. This allows you to choose how much and how fast you make money.

3. Showroom & warehouse
In our showroom and 2 warehouses you can see and test the machines you're interested in. You can make your choice out of approximately 1.000 machines.

4. Own R&D Department
A system is only as good as the service that you can provide for. That's why we decided to have our own team so that adaptations can be programmed efficiently.

5. Easy access to spare parts
Stop waiting weeks & weeks for spare parts. All important spare parts for every type of machine are in stock. Helping you out is just a matter of sending you a parcel with an express delivery company. No long standstills, no losses.

6. Professional technical support
1 call to our support line gets your machine working again in no time. The down-time is reduced to the bare minimum.

7. On-site installation
Want to make sure everything is set up correctly? We come over to your premises to assure a clean installation and train your technicians if required. You can start your business the moment we leave.

8. Sturdy cardboard packing made on measure
Sturdy cardboard packing made on measure protects the machines during the long journey to their destination. BGT's custom-made boxing guarantees a safe trip for your machines. No surprises when unpacking: No broken parts that cause lack of income.