Spare parts

We guarantee the supply of spare parts for all of our machines. We understand that machines "out of order" have a negative impact not only on your results, but also on your image as an operator. So in order to limit your downtime, when we purchase a group of 100 units we typically reserve 30 machines for spare parts use only. That's why we can supply virtually any part that is needed to keep your machines up and running. Of course this service is reserved for customers that buy machines from us!
So basically all parts from all brands are available. Please contact us with your specific request.

- Billvalidators (JCM, MEI, ARDAC)
- Coin comparitors (IDX, CC/MC 16/40/62)
- Hoppers (for Bluebird, E-motion, IGT, Bally)
- Power supplies
- CPU & motherboards
- Glasses, monitors, buttons

- Shufflers