Automatic Meterreading System

Operators need to monitor closely the performance of the machinepark in order to spot malfunctions immediately and to optimise locations. These functions are exactly what our Automatic Meterreading system aims to do, nothing more, nothing less. This makes our in-house developed meterreading system a "must have" for all operators with several arcades/locations. The system is independent of the make/model of machines.


  • Fast
    The system will actually read a complete gaming hall in a few seconds. The whole procedure from starting the read-out till getting the excell sheet in the central office will usually not take more than one minute.
  • Accurate
    Unlike manual reading, once the system is set up, it cannot make mistakes. It will reveal attendant errors, fraud attempts, etc. 
  • Universal
    All machines are supported and meters could be read from each machine regardless of their function: in, out, bet, win, drop, jackpot, hand pay, bills, door open, ...
  • Personal
    Since the data is put in an Excel sheet, you can personalise your results and make graphics as to your preference.
  • Comfortable
    The system can easily be connected to a portable computer/internet, which obviously means you could get your revenue reports both at the operator's central office and/or mobile phones.
  • Economic
    With the BGT Automatic Meterreading system, you don't have to pay annual licence fees or software upgrades.